First in the market, first in flavor, first in quality.

The Sacramento River Bartlett — a gift from the bounty of the Sacramento River region. Experience unparalleled fresh Bartlett flavor, delivered first to you from caring Rivermaid growers.

First in the Market

Each July, pear-lovers who have gone for months without fresh North American pears are excited by the arrival of Sacramento River Bartletts. They are the first domestic pear to hit the market, supplying delicious Bartlett pear flavor first to families across the nation.

2013 Sacramento River Bartletts are being harvested 11 days early! Look for them in your stores.

First in Flavor

But don't just take our word for it. Even the most finicky eaters we know — babies (and their parents) — love the flavor of Sacramento River Bartletts! Baby food processors put a premium on a delicious flavor profile — picky parents will not tolerate anything less. And, as a strictly regulated industry, baby food processors will not tolerate any lapse in quality. Consequently, Sacramento River Bartletts are the preferred choice of the baby food industry and Rivermaid is extremely proud to provide over 50% of the baby food industry's pear volume.

First in Quality

Rivermaid Trading Company has been delivering quality Sacramento River Bartletts for over 70 years. We grow, pack and manage more pears than any other company, and we are proud of our reputation as the pear experts. Our commitment to quality agricultural and post-harvest practices results in delicious, flavorful pears.

Video: How to Ripen Pears at Home

Ripening Tip: Sometimes the Bartletts in grocery stores are green. Like bananas, green Bartletts will change to yellow as they ripen at home when left at room temperature. Do not refrigerate until your Bartletts are at the ripeness you desire.